The Role of Standards in Financial Markets

Final Project Reports

Click here to read our first report: "Preliminary Report on Standards in Global Financial Services"
Click here to read our second report: "Expert Opinion on Standards in Global Financial Markets"

As part of a programme of follow-up the Government Office for Science Foresight report: “The Future of Computer Trading in Financial Markets” (2012), a workshop was hosted entitled “Towards Common Standards” in July 2013 to explore what might be done to realise the report’s call for the standardisation of data and systems.

The workshop considered the challenges and barriers to progress in developing and implementing common standards and its main conclusion was that there exists a real opportunity to overcome the problems of co-ordination and special interest that have hindered progress in standardisation in financial services before now, not just in computer based trading but more broadly.

The purpose of this project is to build on the workshop by setting up a steering committee and working group to explore what standards currently exists in financial markets, where standards could be applied and where existing standards could be improved.

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